Mark Smith’s Newsletter - Saturday 26th June, 2021

Unicorns in the UK, Crypto all the entertainments, Windows 11, Cookie blocking delayed, Amazon gets into podcast hosting, Funding open source projects in the modern world

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The UK Crowns 100th Tech Unicorn - It’s all about “Deep Tech” at the minute, awesome to see the UK first in Europe to reach this milestone #

“Fantasy Hollywood” - Crypto and Community-Owned Characters - This all sounds interesting, bringing governance concepts developed in open source code communities to other types of building activities, and I don’t doubt that there’s really many people that are earnest in their endeavours, but my overall feeling towards “communities” is rapidly approaching negative infinity, and so these governance models look more and more just like ways for people to cement their power over others, and it pains me to say it because I’ve always been an optimist, but my experience is that when the rubber meets the road, these co-ordination methods just get used to crush people even more efficiently #

Microsoft announces Windows 11, with a new design, Start menu, and more - It’s been a long time since I was a Windows user, that was when Windows 10 was in the early days, clearly a major version bump doesn’t happen very often in Windows land, so it’s big news, and reading the feature list it looks like a lot of attention has been paid to integrations and I’m getting a sort of wholesome feeling about this release, interested to see how the rollout goes #

Google delays Chrome's cookie-blocking privacy plan by nearly 2 years #

Amazon is acquiring a podcast hosting and monetization platform #


Changelog Podcast - Funds for open source - I’m literally right in the middle of my own intolerable funding issues, so I found it difficult to concentrate during this episode, but it’s an important topic and it was a good conversation, power permitting I’ll be able to listen to the episode again soon #


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