Mark Smith’s Newsletter - Saturday 17th July, 2021

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Another season 2 instalment…

Rough week. I didn’t get the chance to read a lot of things online, but I did listen to 3 great podcasts.

I’ll share them here since I didn’t have time to post them to the linkblog. They brightened up my week:

Another Podcast Podcast - Creativity and Optimism

Shop Talk Show Ep 471 - Perf as a Job, Riverside vs Streamyard, Frontend Being Consumed, and How Much to Bill Clients

TC39 Podcast - Interview with Yulia Startsev

That’s all from me this week…

I hope you enjoy the links!

As usual all the articles from the linkblog in chronological order are included below, which is also a good way to explore, there are some pieces there amongst the main summary items that didn’t make it into the main themes, but these are interesting in their own right, and often end up developing into something more substantial further down the line.

Special mentions

Stuff from me

🚀 New project on my Portfolio - Making a Squarespace website dynamic with a serverless API, frontend page hydration and search #

Stuff from around the web


In the ongoing saga of the universe vs Mark Smith, which has recently gotten much more intense, my main device power cable has suddenly stopped working, and because of the crazy world situation most shops are shut, so posting this in case it takes a while, hopefully I’ll be online again soon, all the best #

Earlier today I was chased down by 6 what appeared to be police officers in Vietnam HCMC in broad daylight right outside the main palace, they were on motorbikes, one of them them drove into me on purpose hitting my feet with great force, they then beat me with a truncheon, and I have sustained quite a serious injury to my left foot (probably broken), and I am having real difficulty walking and balancing now, I am very shook up by the experience - I just wanted to make a public note of that here #


No podcasts this week :(


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