Mark Smith’s Newsletter - Saturday 10th July, 2021

Music albums derived from games, software engineering formal methods, the shadow dom, the business of digital transformation

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Another season 2 instalment…

Not a huge amount to say this week, times are tough, but somehow I’m still alive despite the universe’s nack for shutting me off from pretty much everything. Every single darn thing is a contradiction in my life right now. Nuff said.

I’ve been coding a search feature for a project I’m working on, and that’s been awesome.

That’s all from me this week…

I hope you enjoy the links!

As usual all the articles from the linkblog in chronological order are included below, which is also a good way to explore, there are some pieces there amongst the main summary items that didn’t make it into the main themes, but these are interesting in their own right, and often end up developing into something more substantial further down the line.

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Stuff from around the web


League of Legends’ new music gives streamers lo-fi beats to game to - I really like this idea for a themed music album, curious to hear what it sounds like #

England beat Ukraine 4-0 to go through to the Euro semi-finals #

Where are we going from here? Software engineering needs formal methods - I liked this because it’s well written but also because it highlights that software is used in many different areas and that formal methods are appropriate in some of those but not necessarily all those areas, and the world of software engineering is changing as we learn new approaches, things worth considering as we introduce AI dev tools #

Trump Sues CEOs of Facebook, Twitter and Google Over Social Media Bans #

We need a Butlerian Jihad against AI - Controversial but also quite topical because of how much development is happening in the AI space, it looks at some of the purely ethical and moral considerations that could arise because of advances in AI tech #

States charge Google with violating antitrust laws in Play store #


Shop Talk Show Podcast Ep 470 - Slap a WAAPI, Explaining the Shadow DOM, LayoutNG, iFrames, the Web Animation API - Good episode this week especially if like me you have been a bit mystified by the shadow-dom, which it turns out can be more accurately described as the egg-dom #

The Another Podcast Podcast - 'Digital transformation' - beyond the silly slogan - Some interesting historical context about what digital transformation is all about, from main frames to cloud computing, it’s all happening, all at the same time - This struck a chord with me because just the past few days I’ve been having this weird feeling that I’m somehow stuck in an alt reality designed by main frame programmers, but I just want to do things the cloud way :), no offence intended to anyone #


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