Mark Smith’s Newsletter - Saturday 3rd July, 2021

Instagram more than just photos, AI tools for developers

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Another season 2 instalment…

Very meagre edition this week.

Running water issues to add to already troublesome electricity and WiFi problems, but at least there’s something. I’ve been doing some fun project work this week, so that’s been very cool.

Still alive and still linkblogging.

That’s all from me this week…

I hope you enjoy the links!

As usual all the articles from the linkblog in chronological order are included below, which is also a good way to explore, there are some pieces there amongst the main summary items that didn’t make it into the main themes, but these are interesting in their own right, and often end up developing into something more substantial further down the line.

Special mentions

Stuff from me

Nothing from me this week :(

Stuff from around the web


Instagram spreads its wings, planning to add paying subs and more focus on video #

Your AI pair programmer - I’ve been wondering when AI based tools would start to make appearances in dev tool chains, here’s one from Github, hopefully it won’t have the annoying behaviour that some other autocompletion tools have of blocking your cursor at the exact moment you try to insert and type #


No podcasts this week :(


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